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Copper Appearance

Jul 13, 2017

Tongmen, Copper is a super-luxury entrance. Resplendent, calm and heavy, giving a solemn and sacred feeling. Tongmen, used to be used in deep homes to both the symbol of identity is also a strong barrier to protect the door of the strong barrier. Now the copper door began to appear in the home by the copper door is widely included in the country, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Shanghai and Canada, Copper the price is usually the size of the door, the thickness of the door industry, carved flowers decorated limited companies to introduce apartments, villas Its extraordinary appearance. The rugged features of the owner support the face. Copper door performance characteristics are very many, the most prominent is its appearance characteristics, the reason why the copper door for centuries, Copper but also because of its temperament vigorous, never out of date. Tongmen is always a symbol of noble identity, and copper doors will be the ultimate representative of high-end products. To Tongmen-based building, the ancient Chinese to have, the copper of the nature of warm, corrosion-resistant, anti-bacterial anti-oxidation, easy to damage, longevity in the wood, compared to brick, copper door more resistant to age, and graceful, Vigorous calm yet yet elegant, Copper cang ancient implication new ideas. Through Seiko to create, ingenuity, all the workers of the United States. The traditional building of the elegant, but also the material of the solid, and waterproof, anti-corrosion, Copper the superb copper technology and the perfect combination of modern technology, can make a limited space volatile unlimited tolerance.

1, to maintain the integrity of the door surface paint to prevent bumps and impact. General copper door is expensive, and in the use of special attention must also be in the daily copper door maintenance, we can use a dry towel to clean it. Because of the reasons for the material of the copper door itself, Copper its maintenance is particularly important, if it is off the surface paint, then the inside of the electrolytic plate will be exposed, and the electrolytic plate once the oxygen in contact with the air will occur oxidation reaction, resulting in electrolytic plate rust It affects the beauty of the door.

2, often on the copper door to clean, wipe the surface of the dust, to keep it clean state.

3, if there are windows and doors on the oil and other things can be used to wash the neutral detergent, otherwise the doors and windows will cause great damage. Although the copper door natural anti-corrosion, but encountered a lot of sulfur and sulfide, or easy to produce chemical changes. So, Copper to remind you, such as the door of the villa and other doors used in the outdoor, it should be wrapped in the frame outside the door, from rain and snow, to prevent precipitation in the sulfide corrosion.

4, the timely appearance of the copper doors inside the corner of the dust and stolen goods removed, so as not to block the doors and windows open do not open smoothly.

5, do not use hard things to beat the windows and doors.

6, copper doors in the open and close to pay attention to the intensity, the need for uniform force.

7, when used to find open is not smooth, Copper to find the cause of the time to be resolved.

Copper door maintenance method

1, vinegar bubble method. Wash the rusty copper, place it in a small dish, pour a little vinegar until it is submerged. After 24 hours out, with a small brush to brush the residual rust, and then washed with water detergent, wipe dry can.

2, open water immersion method. Copper Rusty copper sometimes covered with a layer of rust can not afford to rust, then you can first rusty copper into the bowl, and then into the temperature of 80 ℃ to 90 ℃ of boiling water until the immersion. 5 minutes after the removal, with a small brush to clear, dry can. Encountered rusty rust, Copper but also the water heated to boiling, so rust off the rust.

3, dry brush method. Case of rust or rust attached to the relatively shallow, should try to avoid the use of vinegar bubble and other chemical means, and can switch to dry brush method. The specific method is to choose a large oil painting pen, the brush on the brown hair from the roots of 0.5-0.7 cm can be used. First to be rusted copper to be placed on the glass plate, fixed live, hold the oil brush root evenly brush, pay attention to force, Copper otherwise the effect is poor, and then washed with water.

4, heating method. This method is mainly for the rusty iron money. Copper The main component of the rust is ferrous oxide, its molecular structure is relatively loose, Copper so the use of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction can make part of the iron out of corrosion. However, the use of this method, Copper we must pay attention to add a container (such as pots and other metal containers), in addition to the best addition of some water. Followed by the heating time should not be too long, generally heated three or four minutes later, Copper remove the towel with a cold cover, rust will naturally fall off. Choose the heating method of rust, Copper the object should be iron is still good and rust relatively shallow iron money, absolutely can not be serious corrosion and copper body has been very fragile copper heating with rust, otherwise the already very fragile copper can not bear High temperature and fragmented, crushed.

5, knife scraping method. Copper Use this method should pay attention to moderate severity, if inadvertently, the light will be copper scraping black and blue, while the whole copper body is damaged. Copper Therefore, if not sure, do not scratch