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Copper Better Ventilation

Oct 12, 2017

1. After the copper door is installed, if you want to paint the surrounding walls, we must first cover the copper door with something good. To avoid paint on the door, Copper the surface material peeling, fade, damage the product beautiful.

2. Tongmen in the use of time, can not be too heavy things hanging on the door, do not use sharp sharp things touch, draw the body. Open the door and close the door, pay attention to avoid too much force or open the angle too much damage to the copper door.

3. In spring and winter, the room to ensure a better ventilation, so that the room to maintain the appropriate degree of humidity to ensure that the copper door in the normal temperature and humidity, to prevent the copper door metal parts rust, the surface appears Material peeling off. Copper Winter we often use a variety of heating equipment to warm, pay attention to these devices from the copper door a little further to prevent the heat deformation.

4. Clean the copper door stained stains, you can first blow wet after, and then take a soft cloth to wipe, to avoid the use of hard cloth, to prevent the copper door surface was scratched. If the door is very serious stains, you can moderate the use of neutral detergent or toothpaste and other cleaning agents, stains removed after the timely clean.

We can use some dry towels to clean, Copper but can not use some of the paint will contain damage to the maintenance of the chemical composition of the detergent to clean. In the handling of objects to avoid touching the copper barrier, destroy its maintenance layer, try not to let the copper barrier directly washed by the rain, causing rusty situation.

Copper fence is made of electrolytic plate, will be sprayed on the above and some of the same color and copper door paint, it looks and copper door almost, Copper so called copper guardrail. Because the copper guardrail fundamental material problems, maintenance is very important, and spit it above the paint off, inside the electrolytic plate will be exposed, and if the electrolytic plate encountered in the air where the oxidation of oxygen on the situation The appearance of the situation of copper, destroyed the elegance of the copper barrier. Maintenance of the copper fence is very important on the one hand is to ensure the integrity of the above paint, Copper do not appear bump hit the situation.

At the same time to follow the installation of the balustrade scale: railing should be a solid, durable material manufacturing, and can withstand the load scale rules of the degree of load; Copper railings height should not be less than 1.05m, high-level construction of the railing height should be properly improved, 1.20m; railing from the ground or roof 0.10m height should not be left blank.