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Germanium Household Is Essential

Nov 06, 2017

Can make the far infrared radiation can be deep into the human body, absorption of toxic substances and heavy metals in the human body and decomposition, reach the role of poison to raise colour, also far infrared resonance effect with human cells, formation fluid, expand capillary, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue. Germanium also has a cold blood to stop the blood, reduce the anti-nausea, and clear the liver. Germanium is mainly composed of the digestive tract absorb quickly, almost all 24 h after discharge, so there will be no side effects can be at ease use, germanium and other anti-tumor, reduce high blood pressure, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, and so on, is necessary for household equipment

Effects of germanium on human body:

1. Activate biological current, promote blood circulation, improve and prevent physical discomfort

2. Protect red blood cells and resist incoming radiation from damage

3. Metabolism, immunity recovery and natural healing of the body

4. Anti-tumor, anti-inflammation, anti-virus

Moreover, germanium metal can function from a small amount of energy (body temperature), which enables it to function as a health care function through contact with the human body

The atomic number of germanium GE is 32 and the atomic weight is 72.61. Generally used in semiconductor materials. Germanium is located on the periodic table, sandwiched between metal and nonmetal. So people call it "rare metals". The abundance of the surface is inferior to the carbon, sulfur, silicon and lead of the hominin. Germanium is widely present in nature in the form of compound, and the surface abundance is 1.4 ~ 7 x 10-6. Germanium can enter the body through the food chain, water and atmosphere. About the content of germanium in the human body each organs of statistical data is relatively small, according to data reported average concentration in the body is as follows: 0.2 the blood, liver, kidney, 9.0 0.04 muscle 0.03 0.09, lymph nodes, lung, brain, testis 0.5 0.1 0.009 mu g/g fresh tissue.

In 1950, he first synthesised organic germanium, and he found that the ginseng, ganoderma and other tonic herbs were rich in germanium. Chapter in China between 1989 and 1995, bai, such as a series of organic germanium compound was synthesized and studied germanium in antihypertensive, anti-cancer, anti-aging, etc of theory research and pharmacological research, application, development of germanium organic compounds, etc.

With the continuous study of germanium, Ge and other organic germanium compounds have wide spectrum pharmacological activity and unique health care function. Especially in recent years, Ge has a certain adjuvant treatment for malignancy, has a better effect on peptic ulcer, and has a certain effect on hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Organic germanium has almost no toxicity, it has the effect of inducing interferon, increasing NK cell activity, activating macrophage, promoting antibody production and anti-tumor, anti-aging and other biological functions. Ge is not only an immune booster, but also an immuno-regulator. Silicosis is weakened by immunity, and organic germanium has some improvement in silicosis. Through clinical verification, the domestic useful organic germanium was used to treat AIDS.

Ge has a significant clearance effect on free radicals, which can improve the activity of superoxide dismutase and the function of lipid peroxidation. Germanium is synergistic with selenium and zinc. Germanium and a moderate amount of selenium can prevent atherosclerosis and prevent liver disease, which can increase the bioactivity of germanium.

GE also reduces the effect of high blood pressure, while organic germanium confirmed by animal experiments that the treatment of coronary heart disease caused by arteriosclerosis by GE 90mg and organic selenium 10mg can be satisfactory. Organic germanium regulates immune function and antioxidation and stimulates bone marrow regeneration. In Japan, it is reported to treat leukemia with organic germanium. Besides, Ge treats osteoporosis and reduces the incidence of fractures. Organic germanium anti - inflammatory anti - inflammatory effect is also obvious, with organic germanium to treat joint pain recovery, the blood is gradually becoming normal.

Germanium metal can work through a small amount of energy (body temperature), and once the temperature rises, an electron on the outer orbital will be derailed by the stimulus. Away from the track of the ionic balance of electronic help to adjust the biological, physical neural circuit abnormal returns to normal, prevent and improve physical discomfort and massage spa effect etc. Germanium also has the function of adjusting the abnormal potential of the human body, and when the cancer cell potential is rising sharply, the germanium element will take the electron of the cancer cell, make it more potential and inhibit the deterioration of the disease.

The semiconductor function of germanium metal can elevate body temperature, thus promoting blood circulation and reducing fatigue.