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Germanium Is A Trace Element That The Human Body Needs

Aug 11, 2017

In recent years, it has been found that two-dimensional materials have very peculiar and excellent tribological properties due to their special planar atomic structure, Germanium which is expected to be used as a kind of ultra-thin lubricating material in the field of micro-NA. However, because of the unusual specific surface area of the two-dimensional thin film material, it is easy to reduce and even lose lubrication performance by working environment, especially surface chemical effect. Therefore, how to maintain the stability of the two-dimensional material in a single molecule layer effectively from the atomic scale under the complicated sliding conditions presents a new challenge to the researchers. Researchers have observed that polycrystalline graphene, Germanium which grows on the surface of Germanium (111), has a region that has periodic moire stripes and non-moire stripes due to the different ways in which the upper and lower crystals stack. After the chemical treatment of fluoride and oxidation, the lubrication performance of the non-moire fringe area is greatly weakened. However, graphene with periodic moire stripes still retains good lubrication properties. Through the first principle of calculation, the researchers found that the interaction force between the carbon atom and the germanium atom in the periodic moire fringe region is much stronger than that of the ordinary der Force; Germanium This strong anchoring effect enables graphene to withstand the changes in the morphology of the formation of the structure by external disturbances, thus enhancing its lubricating robustness. The relevant research findings are expected to be extended to other two-dimensional material systems to promote the application of single molecule layer lubricating materials in micro-nano systems.

The use of a "germanium" is the human body needs a trace element, but scientists in the human body can not find "germanium" traces. Originally, "Germanium" is the human body can not synthesize the material, it is supplemented by external sources, germanium into the human body 3 hours after 90% will be discharged in vitro, 24 hours will be completely discharged in vitro. Origin: Germanium, a German chemist Winkler discovered. is a light-colored metal, semiconductor material, its atom has 32 of electrons, electrons in the human body by the role of electronic engineering expansion, Germanium and through the purification of the cell oxygen supply.

Other functions of Germanium anti-tumor, treatment of senile dementia, Germanium enhance immune function, anti-aging, prevent and treat arteriosclerosis, reduce blood viscosity, anti-rheumatoid arthritis, regulate endocrine, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, blood pressure, osteoporosis, regulate endocrine, treatment of chronic hepatitis and so on. Germanium on the body's anti-aging metabolism function, make cells active, Germanium with longevity. Hypoxia, can improve the utilization rate of oxygen, the injured cells can be restored. Can remove the body of waste, to eliminate heavy metals in the body, to achieve the role of detoxification and beauty. Germanium For skin care products, because of its stability of the characteristics of cosmetics is very important. Organic germanium used in beauty or cosmetics can be made of different formulations, such as emulsion, ointment, water agent, powder, and so on, with 0.5% organic germanium sodium salt to 32~60岁 skin pigmentation of women's experiments, the results showed that the skin of the test subjects was smooth, rich, the small wrinkles disappeared, pigmentation and spots improved, Germanium the organic germanium was added into the emulsion to add the necessary ingredients, hand and face, the skin became smooth without allergic and other side effects.