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Germanium Trace Elements

Oct 12, 2017

Use a "germanium" is the human body needs a trace element, Germanium but the scientists in the human body but can not find "germanium" trace. Originally, "germanium" is the human body can not synthesize the material, it is by external sources, germanium into the human body after 3 hours 90% will be excreted, 24 hours will be completely excreted. Origin: germanium, is the German chemist Winkler found. Is a light-colored metal, semiconductor material, its atoms have 32 electrons, electrons in the human body by the role of electronic engineering expansion, and through the purification of cells to oxygen.

Ingredients: After research proved that the germanium crystal in the atomic arrangement and diamond, hard and brittle, germanium distribution in nature is very scattered, Germanium very wide. Copper, iron ore, sulfide ore and rock, soil and spring water contains trace amounts of germanium. In the crust in the content of seven parts per million, germanium stone contains a lot of organic germanium and precious jade powder, pearl powder, alumite, Chinese medicine materials, magnesium, iron, calcium, carbon, potassium, sodium, Germanium chlorophyll 45 kinds of minerals beneficial to the human body. The world's famous germanium research expert Dr. Asashi of Japan published a number of papers led by "germanium and my life". He devoted himself to the study of germanium and clinical research and treatment of difficult diseases, and finally, in 1975 in the world for the first time successfully developed germanium organic compounds, by the world's wide attention and therefore won the Nobel Prize The Dr. Asashi pointed out: germanium has anti-cancer effect and strong role; germanium can effectively activate the body's immune system; Germanium germanium can enhance health for people, to provide reliable protection of disease prevention. Germanium function: 1, germanium dehydrogenation enrichment of the role of germanium can make the body to maintain adequate oxygen, thus maintaining the health of the human body. In the human body, the decomposition of food is carried out with oxygen, in the food decomposition process, the need to consume a lot of oxygen, while generating water and carbon dioxide. If there is not enough oxygen, it is possible to cause the body to cause a variety of diseases. The organic germanium can be the body's hydrogen ions out of the body, Germanium reducing the body's demand for oxygen, which is conducive to health. Germanium into the human body, can be evenly distributed in the organs of the organization, 24 hours completely excreted, belong to the body will not accumulate trace elements, its toxicity is very low, no side effects. The body of various organs of cells in the life process of waste, part of the secretion system through the body, and some in the form of free radicals in the organs, Germanium the formation of lesions, leading to decreased organ function affect the organic germanium and this part of the free radicals Combined with excreted, enhance organ life.

The antioxidant effect of germanium into the body of our various kinds of fat, due to abnormal metabolism of the material known as lipid peroxidation, the general situation of oil deterioration into oxidation. At the time of chemical bonding, atoms are often composed of electrons, electrons without electrons or atoms, and are not electronically free radicals because they are electronically atomically atomic.