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Silicon The Application

Sep 30, 2017

After the Ching Ming Festival, farmers friends will soon be the cultivation of early rice. Silicon As we all know, base fertilizer in the crop growth process has an indispensable role, but we often only pay attention to fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus, Silicon potassium and other elements of the application, while ignoring the silicon and zinc and other trace elements in the application.

In fact, rice as a "hi silicon", "silicon-rich" crops, Silicon the demand for silicon after the demand for phosphorus, phosphorus and potassium, silicon generally accounts for more than 10% of dry weight of rice, Silicon and silicon is widely distributed in rice rhizomes Leaves and other parts of the full growth period of rice have demand for silicon. The application of silicon fertilizer to rice not only can significantly increase the yield, but also can significantly improve the resistance of rice, Silicon while also improving the soil structure.

Rice is very sensitive to zinc crops, zinc deficiency will lead to its leaves slow, leaf color lighter, new leaves short and narrow, especially near the base of the midrib faded yellow and white, serious plants were dwarf clusters, Less tiller, the field often behaved uneven, the roots of rice plants are decadent, Silicon brown, heading period appears "Young flowers do not receive", the general cut 10% -30%, serious plots and even destroyed seedlings harvest. Reasonable zinc application, can effectively improve the plant height, Silicon increase the number of effective tiller, while the number of grains per spike and 1000-grain weight have increased, reduce the empty blight rate, the general increase of more than 15%. Silicon Especially in the acidic soil, calcareous soil and cold soaking field, the new application of zinc fertilizer is more obvious effect.

2, the use of silicon and zinc containing fertilizer as a base fertilizer or directly in the base fertilizer application of silicon fertilizer and zinc fertilizer; 3, Silicon the use of silicon and zinc fertilizer, In the absence of symptoms or late tillering, the rice leaves in the trace elements in the spraying.