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Titanium Improve The Hardness Of Steel

Oct 30, 2017

Titanium in the steel analysis can not only exist in the form of solid solution and can also TiCTiO2TiN and other compounds exist in the stability of carbon and nitrogen in the steel after-sales service, Titanium can prevent the production of bubbles in steel. Can improve the hardness of steel, grain refinement, but also talk about low aging of steel sensitivity, cold brittleness and corrosive, Titanium thereby improving the quality of steel and mechanical properties. It is generally believed that titanium content greater than 0.25% is called alloying elements. Stainless steel containing titanium 0.1% -2% part of the heat-resistant alloy, Titanium precision alloy titanium content can be as high as 2% -6%

One is added to the middle of the titanium alloy is also a block of silk and the second is to add titanium additives, steel and titanium there are two ways. Titanium Add the third element of the titanium element is a special refinement of the casting agent, not alloying elements, not for component analysis.

But the melting process of the casting process from the refinement of the role of the organization, with titanium powder, salt chemicals mixed into a block or cake supply. Titanium content generally has three kinds .30% 40% and 60%, 1 titanium refiner. Titanium Refiners in the alloy elements are not alloys in the composition. (Boron content of 1% 2% 3% or 4% of the rest plus NaCl and KC1, etc. Titanium The market supply Ti40B4Ti30B4Ti30B3 and Ti60Bl and other products.

Should be noted that can not absorb moisture or moisture, 2 titanium additives. Titanium additive is used to adjust the amount of titanium in steel. Titanium With titanium plus iron powder or flux salts pressed into a block or cake. Which contains titanium powder content of 55% -75% iron powder or flux salt 45% -25% on demand to the molten iron. Such additives if the use of flux salts as ingredients.

As a result of raw materials and processing technology, and many other constraints, Titanium titanium pipe production technology over the years has been in Japan, the United States, France, Russia and other countries in the hands of professional manufacturers. China's titanium pipe development relative to other titanium processing products started late, and the early development of relatively slow. Titanium Although the titanium seamless pipe started in the country earlier, but because of titanium seamless pipe processing processes, long production cycle, low efficiency, high cost, making its application is limited, Titanium and titanium pipe production efficiency and high yield, and titanium Expansion pipe, bending and other properties and seamless tube similar, so the amount of titanium pipe at home and abroad increased year by year, and in the power plant condenser in the growing number of applications.

In the early development of titanium pipe, although China from abroad to introduce a complete small diameter titanium pipe automatic production line, Titanium the end of China can not produce titanium pipe history, but because of the domestic production of titanium pipe titanium raw materials completely dependent on imports, Titanium and can not provide Thin-walled titanium welded pipe with the blank, while foreign titanium coil sales price higher, thus inhibiting the domestic production of titanium pipe; In addition, Titanium due to the introduction of technology and raw materials procurement difficulties of multiple effects, domestic titanium pipe has not really have Mass production capacity, when the domestic titanium pipe market has not really formed.