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Titanium Of The High Chemical Activity

Jul 27, 2017

Titanium is the British scientist Gregory in 1791 first discovered from the ilmenite, Titanium in 1795 the German chemist Clapelot also found this element from the rutile, Titanium and named "titanium". Because of the high chemical activity of titanium, it was first extracted from metal in the first half of the year after it was discovered in 1910. In 1940, sponge titanium was prepared by magnesium reduction method, Titanium which laid the foundation for the industrial production method of titanium.

Titanium in the crust is very rich in reserves, it is second only to iron, aluminum, magnesium, ranking fourth, than the commonly used copper, nickel, lead, zinc, the sum of more than ten times. Titanium The ore used to produce titanium in the industry is rutile, ilmenite and titanium magnetite.

  Titanium Titanium has many excellent properties: titanium specific gravity of 4.5g / cm3, Titanium only 56% of ordinary structural steel, and the strength of ordinary structural steel or higher, in the metal structure of the material, the specific strength of titanium is the highest The Titanium melting point of 1668 ℃, slightly higher than iron, nickel, aluminum, magnesium melting point above 1000 ℃. Therefore, Titanium as a light metal structure material, titanium alloy than aluminum, magnesium alloy much better heat, the maximum temperature of up to 600 ℃. Titanium in the oxidizing atmosphere easily in the surface and oxygen to form a layer of solid oxide film, is its oxidizing acid, alkali, salt media, especially in wet chlorine and seawater, with excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium isomerism makes it possible to obtain alloy with different properties when adding different alloying elements and has a large heat treatment effect. More than the general structure of small metal, in the rapid cooling when the stress is small, suitable for use in the environment of temperature changes. Titanium has good toughness and fatigue resistance, Titanium welding performance is also very good. Titanium low temperature performance, at -196 ℃, does not show low temperature brittleness, these properties are very suitable for structural use. Titanium thermal conductivity is small, non-magnetic, Titanium some titanium alloy also has superconductivity, memory performance and hydrogen storage and other functions.

 Titanium has a series of excellent performance, resources and very rich, titanium industrial production came out, immediately by the world generally attached great importance. China also began production of sponge titanium in 1958, and now has formed a complete titanium industry system. At present, Titanium the world's titanium industry is mainly the United States, the CIS, Japan, Britain, China and Germany.

The application of titanium first begins with the military and aviation industry. As early as 1951 the United States will use titanium on the aircraft, to 1961 the United States for aircraft manufacturing titanium up to 3940 tons, accounting for 77% of the total titanium content, Titanium if coupled with missiles and space technology with titanium, Titanium titanium 95% of the amount. The former Soviet Union, the British titanium is also mainly used in the military and aviation industry. Into the 1970s, the excellent performance of titanium gradually in the civilian industry has been widely recognized, titanium in metallurgy, chemical, power and other civilian industry applications increased year by year, Titanium the amount of steady growth.

China is a very rich country of titanium resources, Titanium after decades of development, has been formed from titanium, titanium sponge, titanium smelting and titanium production, titanium equipment manufacturing the overall industrial system. China's titanium industry is also the rise of aviation, China in the last century 80 years to promote the promotion of titanium and civilian policy, Titanium the state has taken timely support policies, titanium industry was embarked on a stable development path. Titanium metal material is widely recognized, to make China's titanium industry has been rapid development, Titanium we must vigorously promote and promote the use of titanium metal materials, Titanium so that the superiority of titanium materials and the use of titanium materials can bring economic and social benefits widely known The