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Titanium Production Of Preforms

Sep 30, 2017

Bending is a combination of plastic and elastic deformation of the processing technology, Titanium is the production of money: poetry equipment, the most common form of molding. When bending deformation, to consider the amount of rebound. The bending angle of the money material can generally be greater than 90 °, Titanium but must meet the minimum bending radius white requirement. Diameter of less than 50mm titanium tube can be cold bending. After cold bending the best into the left foot pressure stress annealing treatment. Titanium tube bending by force into the bending and bending. Titanium Heating temperature is generally 177 ~ 350 especially (titanium alloy can be heated to 427T), then yield strength T reduced by 25% to 50%, plastic Ye Hao, the rebound angle is very small, and the gas pollution is also small.

 Titanium plate and titanium alloy stamping molding is relatively difficult, the bending radius than steel 2 commonly used non-ferrous metals. Titanium Domestic use of stamping molding methods are: cold into: type of thermoforming and preforming hot type.

Cold forming only applies to the wall is thin, Titanium the deformation is small, the bending radius is big, the size is not demanding the workpiece. When the cold forming deformation is large, you can use sub-stamping and inter-process annealing method. After the cold stamping molding to be final annealing; in addition to residual stress.

Shape complex, large deformation of the titanium plate and titanium alloy parts, can be used I I stamping molding. When the temperature is low, the heating temperature is 200-350X, Larger workpiece forming. There are three main heating methods: heating mold; heating hair E; heating rough, Titanium while the appropriate heating mold 3 thermoforming after the titanium workpiece into the sandblasting, pickling and other surface treatment to eliminate the scale and pollution layer.

Preformed hot pre-hot type refers to the conventional punching preform, and then in a special machine or special equipment to heat the correction to eliminate residual stress and rebound, Titanium so that the two pieces to achieve the required row and size.

Spinning is a combination of forging, Titanium extrusion, stretching, bending, ring rolling, rolling rolling and other process characteristics. Spinning process has good deformation conditions, the use of high astronomical materials (can save material 20% -50%), the product surface finish, the size of small and so on.

Expansion is widely used in the tube - board combination, Titanium is to rely on the tube and tube plate deformation to achieve a tight fit and a mechanical connection. Expansion is an important second order for the manufacture of tubing heat exchangers. When the titanium tube is connected with the titanium tube plate, Titanium the expansion tube (inner diameter expansion rate) should be 1% ~ 6%. The expansion tube can be expressed by 5% For mechanical expansion, flexible expansion and explosive expansion.