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Titanium Safest Battery

May 25, 2017

Lithium titanate batteries are also the longest life, the highest safety battery. On the life cycle, the ordinary lithium-ion battery about 1000-2000 cycles, lithium titanate is 30,000 cycles, is the former 15 times times. Titaniumand silver lung New energy has mastered the world's top core lithium titanate technology, Titaniumthe industry has conquered the "five major issues", to achieve 6 minutes of fast charge, wide temperature, 30 cycle of service life, not fire not explosion and other excellent characteristics. In the field of power batteries, the low energy density of the battery has become part of the industry's criticism of the lithium titanate battery as "not mainstream". On many occasions, the bank has openly admitted that lithium titanate batteries have low energy density. TitaniumAt the same time, the bank has also indicated to the community that it has been actively developing and improving this shortcoming, now, Titaniumthe fourth generation of high energy density lithium titanate battery developed by the silver Lung, Titaniumcompared with the third generation of costs decreased by 40%, energy density increased by 60%. In addition, Banlone also mastered the development of hydrogen titanium core technology, will effectively solve the problem of battery energy density, and through the combination of lithium titanate batteries and fuel cells, Titaniumsuccessfully resolved the new energy vehicle mileage problem.

Give more time and respect to technology

"There are 1.3 billion people in China, don't they have the intelligence, personality, creativity of the young man of jobs?" If in proportion, absolutely. They are like seeds, but unfortunately they fall on an intolerant cultural soil. TitaniumTolerance is the water of innovation, if there is no tolerance of water watering, it is difficult to support the soil of innovation, the best seeds fall on the soil, nor do jobs. "360 founder Zhou had made it clear.

The beginning of a new thing, often people do not understand, distrust, good performance when called him a madman, bad words will scold him is crazy, is a liar. And once he put the original scolded things made, the enterprise to do tens of billions of billions of people, and will be everywhere to his monument, he was held into a god ...

"Hotta" This kind of Chinese mentality does not know how many people killed the idea? Science and technology innovation shouted for so many years, in the real life, Titaniumto those "innovation", can give a little more tolerance and encouragement. We see precisely because there are lei and millet, Ma Yun and Taobao and other countless entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies dare to choose a break-breaking, the pursuit of excellence in the road of innovation, thousands of users may therefore have the opportunity to enjoy better products and services. In today's era of change, society is developing and technology is progressing. TitaniumAt present, the energy density gap between lithium titanate battery and lithium iron phosphate battery is shrinking, plus the lithium titanate battery technology into the subsidy policy catalogue this favorable factor stimulation, the industry optimistic forecast, 3-5 years, lithium titanate battery will be able to develop rapidly, and with the lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate battery in the power lithium battery market to form a three situation.

The scientific and technological progress needs dialectical region to regard, Titaniumthe true meaning of innovation, is dares to undertake the risk which others cannot undertake, creates the better product and the service which others cannot create. In the face of those who have this spirit, we should give more respect.