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Titanium Specialty

Aug 03, 2017

Titanate coupling agent is a self-developed by the domestic coupling agent products, is a necessary supplement to the silane coupling agent to solve the calcium carbonate filled with polyolefin resin, Titanium thermoplastic resin bonding problems, is generally considered in the mono There is only one isopropoxy group in the oxo titanate coupling agent which is a hydrolyzable group capable of being coupled to an inorganic substance. Therefore, it is possible to form a monomolecular layer on the surface of the inorganic color and the filler, and the titanate coupling agent Close the inorganic pigments and organic polymer materials to link up, give full play to the role of each titanium ester molecules. Titanium Therefore, the amount of small, effective. Titanium Since the titanate coupling agent in a monomolecular state clad substituted trace moisture and a gas adsorbed in the original inorganic pigment, filler surface while the long carbon chain molecules through hydrophobic non-aqueous medium yl closed, Titanium and an organic polymer-based increased Material compatibility, reduce the interface of the free energy, which is conducive to the powder aggregates were organic polymer base material wetting and dispersion.

According to the characteristics of six different functional zones in the molecular structure of the titanate coupling agent, titanate coupling agents of different groups can be designed according to the needs of the coating industry to make them specific or have multiple functions Of the coupling agent, given to the paint and ink has the following functions.

1, can significantly increase the coating color strength and reflection ability, Titanium improve the paint luster, increase the coverage.

2, can increase the adhesion of the film on the substrate to improve the film on a variety of metal, glass and inorganic materials, adhesion, improve the wear resistance, improve the impact strength, increase flexibility.

3, can help grinding the role, can shorten the grinding number and time, Titanium the same grinding time can make the particles grinding more finely.

4, with good antioxidant properties, and anti-ultraviolet function. Significantly improve the mechanical properties of the coating, weather resistance, salt spray resistance and anti-yellowing.

5, a good dispersion of wetting function, can significantly improve the majority of inorganic and organic Yan, filler in the organic base material in the dispersion, the carbon black, phthalocyanine blue, iron red, Titanium chrome yellow and other dispersion is also particularly effective. Anti-settling performance, improve storage stability.

6, rust paint can be used in anti-rust effect, Titanium in the fire paint can produce flame retardant effect.

7, can reduce the viscosity of the coating system, reducing the curing temperature of the resin.

8, with good thixotropic properties, Titanium and can improve the water repellent coating, wear resistance and resistance to washing.

Titanate coupling agent can form a monomolecular layer on the surface of the salt and filler to play the role of each molecule bridge, so the amount of small, the role of large. Titanium In order to allow the titanate coupling agent to be evenly distributed in the surface, the surface of the filler should not be added in addition to the surfactant, since it will interfere with the reaction of the titanate at the filler interface in order to exert its desired effect.


  The coupling agent dissolved in a small amount of hydrocarbon solvent, Titanium adding Yan, fill in the high-speed stirring up to about 90 ℃ stirring about half an hour, so that each Yan, filler particles can be coated with a layer of coupling agent The After the pigments are coated with the coupling agent, the coating can be formulated in the usual manner.