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Zirconium More And More Widely

Sep 25, 2017

Since ancient times, because zircon has a rich and colorful color, has been used as a gem, in human life plays a decorative role. With the increasing awareness of zircons, Zirconium the use of zirconium is becoming more and more extensive, and perhaps most people are more unfamiliar to zirconium, but it has penetrated into all aspects of our lives. For example, around the various buildings, life essential ceramics, knives, decorations, etc., and even military, nuclear power and ultimately the zirconium figure.

Zirconium products are rich in various forms, the initial form of mineral zircon sand, after caustic soda, washed and other treatment, can produce zirconium silicate and zirconium oxychloride and other primary products; continue to calcination, chlorination, reduction can also be made two Zirconium oxide, industrial grade sponge zirconium and other products; if the purification, separation technology to a certain level, Zirconium can be made of nuclear level sponge zirconium.

Zirconium is widely used in the field, mainly in the form of zirconium silicate, zirconia used in ceramics, refractories and other fields. Only 3% -4% of the zirconium ore is processed into metal zirconium (or sponge zirconium), and then further processed into a variety of zirconium. As the zirconium has a small thermal neutron absorption cross-section characteristics, making the metal zirconium has excellent nuclear properties, nuclear grade zirconium is the application of this feature will be used as nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, Zirconium nuclear submarines and civil power generation reactor structural materials, uranium fuel components Shells and so on. Nuclear grade zirconium can be regarded as an important national strategic metal, closely related to the development of nuclear industry.

Zirconium as an active metal, Zirconium at room temperature will form an oxide film, this layer of oxide film makes zirconium and its alloys have excellent corrosion resistance. At the same time, zirconium has good mechanical and heat transfer performance, coupled with significant cost advantages, Zirconium making it an excellent corrosion resistant structural material for today's petrochemical industry.

In the chemical acid and alkali equipment, military, Zirconium electronics industry in the application of zirconium is called industrial grade zirconium. From the processing of the degree of difficulty, the level of technology and scientific and technological aspects, Zirconium metal zirconium and its alloy products in the top of the industrial chain.