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Zirconium Structural Materials

Oct 30, 2017

Zirconium and its alloys have not only good machinability, Zirconium moderate mechanical strength, high corrosion resistance, but also low neutron cross sections, which are widely used as structural materials for water reactors in the nuclear industry, Known as the atomic age of the first metal.

Calcium heat reduction method is based on ZrO2 as raw material, Zirconium calcium as reducing agent, vacuum in 1273 ~ 1373K reduction reaction. The reduced product is a mixture of Zr, CaCl2, CaO and Ca in powder form, and the zirconium is obtained by pickling, washing, filtering, drying and sieving.

Kroll process mainly includes the preparation of zirconium tetrachloride, purification, magnesium reduction, vacuum distillation. Zirconium The zirconium chloride or zircon sand is chlorinated to obtain zirconium tetrachloride, and the impurities are removed to remove impurities such as SiCl4, TiCl4, A1C13 and FeCl3, and then the ZrCl4 is reduced with molten magnesium to obtain a mixture of zirconium, magnesium and magnesium chloride. Zirconium Distillation to obtain metal zirconium.

Zirconium hydride dehydrogenation method using zirconium on the reversible absorption of hydrogen characteristics of zirconium powder, at a certain temperature zirconium and zirconium alloy hydrogen absorption will form a hydride or solid solution, hydride or solid solution to a certain extent will produce micro-cracks, making the material easy The powder which is pulverized and contains a large amount of hydrogen is called zirconium hydride powder. Hydrogenated zirconium powder in high temperature, vacuum dehydrogenation, Zirconium can be zirconium powder. This method through years of improvement and promotion, has become the main method of making zirconium powder at home and abroad.

Electrode or alloys which are difficult to undergo electrodeposition in aqueous solutions are usually deposited by molten salt electrodeposition. Zirconium Usually using insoluble anode, stainless steel or other refractory metal as the cathode, the electrodeposited metal molten salt and alkali metal chloride or fluoride mixed salt as the electrolyte, in the electrolytic reduction process, Zirconium the electrolytic metal molten salt decomposition And deposited in the cathode.

Direct electric deoxidation method is a single or mixed metal oxide as raw material, pressed into a block as a cathode, the use of electrolytic deoxidation method to remove the oxygen in the cathode, in the high temperature molten salt to get low content of impurities in the metal element or alloy,Zirconium also known as FFC law. FFC method successfully prepared by the metal Zr, Hf, Be, Mg, Ca, Ba, V, Nb, W, Fe and Cu.